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Here are the most common questions about the facilities at Palm Grove.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can I have at Palm Grove?

Maximum capacity is 125 people,

How many people fit in the clubhouse?

The clubhouse can sit up to 68 people at the 8 round tables inside, the porches provide another 78 seats that are covered, and the cement tables that are uncovered provide another 36 seats.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes, you are allowed to have alcohol on our premises but there will be an additional charge for security. Depending on how you decide to serve alcohol, you may also be required to have a licensed bartender.

How big are the clubhouse porches?

Stone Fireplace Porch 30' x 40'
Brick Fireplace Porch 20' x 36'

How big are the serving islands in the clubhouse?

The 2 islands inside are 3' x 11'. One of the islands does have 10 bar stools as well.

How many people fit in the chapel?

The chapel is big enough to accomodate around 100 people.

Are tables and chairs included? How many are there?

All of the tables and chairs that we have are available for your use. We are currently building our supply so be sure to check with us and make sure that we haven’t already added what you need to our supply before you rent it!
Inside Tables and Chairs
2-54" & 4-60"
Chairs inside 68
Outside Tables and Chairs
50- White resin padded folding chairs
1- Tile table 42" 7 with chairs
5- 30'' crank tables with 3 stools each
2- 24" crank tables with 2 stools each
2- 24" iron end tables
4- 36" iron tables with 5 chairs each
7- 48" iron tables with 6 chairs each
6- 42'' (uncovered) concrete tables with 3 two person benches each at each table

Do you have linens available?

Yes, we do have white table clothes for your use to cover the 8 round tables inside the clubhouse. We are currently building our supply so be sure to check with us and make sure that we haven't already added what you need to our supply before you rent!

Are caterers or any vendors included in the price of rental?

We do not include any catering or extra services with the rental of our facilities.

Do you have a preferred or suggested vendors list?

We do have a list of caterers that you must choose from but all other vendors are up to you. If we are lacking a type of food that you would like to use, please contact us to take your request into consideration.

Can we provide our own security?

No, Palm Grove will do all setting up of security.

Can we use candles?

Candles are allowed as long as they are in a vessel that will collect all melted wax.

Are sparklers, real rose petals, bubbles, rice or birdseed allowed?

Yes, all of the options are open to you for use at your wedding. Confetti and glitter are not allowed.

Can we come early to decorate?

If you need any additional time that is not already included in the package, they need to be scheduled ahead of time and you will be charged $100 per hour. There is no extra time allowed on Sundays as we will need to be able to get our cleaning crew in.

Can tables and chairs be moved for our event?

Tables inside the clubhouse may be moved around but will not be removed from the room. With the exception of the crank tables along the outside windows, tables on the porches may be moved off to the sides but will not be moved from the premises. The concrete tables and benched outside are not to be moved.

Who will set up and break down our event?

Usually you have the option of your caterers or vendors setting up and breaking down anything they might bring, but any other set up or breakdown will be taken care of by you, whether it is your family and friends or someone whom you have hired.

Will Fireplaces be lit?

With weather on your side, fireplaces will be lit by our staff before the event starts so they are nice and toasty for your guest. Fireplaces will not be lit if there are high winds and/or if there are drought like conditions. If it is hot outside but you want the look of a fire, you might consider filling it with candles or citronella lamps.

What is done to decrease the amount of mosquitos?

If your event is at the time of year when we have mosquitos we will fog with a commercial fogger the day before and morning of your event. We also will have tiki torches available for your use if needed.

Are we allowed to hang things from the walls, ceilings, and surrounding trees?

Please do not use nails, tack, staples, glue guns, or heavy duty tape, to attach things to the walls or ceilings. Museum putty or any type of ribbon, twine, fishing line, or string is acceptable. Command products are welcome as well as long as they do not cause harm to the walls.

Is there a sound system at Palm Grove Clubhouse or in the chapel?

There is a complete surround sound system at the Clubhouse that is there for your use. It is compatible with phones, iPods, MP3 players, CDs and tapes.

Is there onsite parking?

We do have a parking lot behind the clubhouse for people to park.

Is there space to put a tent?

There is enough space for a small tent next to the clubhouse by the lake or in the grass behind the chapel next to the lake.

Approved Caterer List:
Schulze`s BBQ
Swinging Door
Olive Garden
La Casona
Vincek`s Smokehouse
Pier 36
Italian Maid
Sandy McGee`s
T.G.`s to Go
Hugh Alexander
James Coney Island
Fajitas Pete`s



  • I have been fortunate enough to be a part of several special celebrations at Palm Grove. All have been fantastic successes.

    Hannah S
  • Palm Grove is the perfect stage with beautiful backdrops for celebrations that create new memories with family and friends. My first visit to the chapel was very striking and I will never forget it.

    Sarah B
  • The easiest way to impress someone is to invite them to a party at Palm Grove. Our family reunions have been rejuvinated becasue family can spend time around the lake or on the porch, and then catch-up in the cool of the air-conditioned Clubhouse. Everyone has choices and year after year they get excited to come back to the family reunion at Palm Grove.

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